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Install Window Film In Your Home

Increase energy efficiency. An average window film can block 50-70% + of the total solar energy entering your windows, creating electricity savings and a more comfortable environment to spend time in. Reduce the incoming UV rays. We frequently hear how damaging UV rays are to skin, but did you know that UV also damages the […]

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Paint Protection Film

Are you considering adding paint protection film (PPF) to your vehicle? PPF is an investment in your vehicle, so you want to consider a few factors before scheduling the work to be done. Did you purchase or lease the vehicle? For a vehicle you purchased, it is worth the investment to add PPF. You will […]

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Choosing a window film and installation company

We talk to customers daily who are researching window films and tint companies, and we will tell them to look at the same few items: Find out who the window film manufacturer is. If a window tint company or auto dealership doesn’t want to tell you, or says they don’t know what film they are […]

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Does dark tint equal more heat rejetion

Everyday tint companies are asked the question, “how dark will my tint need to be to block out the heat”? To understand how this works, we need to point out the main components of heat: Ultraviolet rays (UV) and infrared heat (IR) that you can feel, and then the visible light that you can see. […]

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