6 Really Good Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows in Phoenix

6 Really Good Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows in Phoenix

Have you been thinking about tinting your car windows? If so, then this is something you’ll definitely want to pursue. That’s because there are a number of good reasons why you should add window tint to your car windows.

For some people, the first reason that springs to mind is that it makes the car look good. And it’s true, a quality tint does tend to create a high-end look on any vehicle. It can create a feeling of prestige on an SUV or sedan, and of course it can make a sports car even more sporty.

But here’s the surprising part: that particular reason, while popular, doesn’t even make our list of top six reasons why you should tint your car windows. That’s because we rank safety, protection, and even money-saving benefits as more important than mere good looks.

Read on to learn more about the surprising benefits of tinting your car windows…

Protects Your Car Interior

One of the top reasons people tint their car windows is to protect the interior. Our Arizona sun is known for really beating up on the interior of a car. This includes the dashboard, the seats, and even the carpeting.

Cloth upholstery tends to fade and get discolored. Leather upholstery fares even worse, as it’s vulnerable to cracking. Whatever type of upholstery you have, the sun is sure to age it quickly. This makes the interior of your car less appealing, which in turn lowers the resale value. In other words, the sun exposure can cost you a lot of money when it comes time to trade in your car.

A quality window tint solves this problem by blocking the harmful UV rays that can damage your interior from all windows, including the front windshield. Depending on the product you choose, the tint can be near colorless/clear, there is something for everyone.

Which brings us to a related point…

Protects Your Skin

Blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays doesn’t just protect your car interior: it also protects your skin from these sun rays that are known to age skin and even cause cancer.

Most people realize when they’re outside that they need to use sunscreen to protect their skin. Very few realize, however, that they may be vulnerable to UV rays when they’re driving around.

This may not be an issue if you have a short commute, you tend to drive at night, or otherwise don’t drive much. However, if you spend 10 minutes or more on the road when it’s sunny, then your skin is at risk if your windows aren’t protected with a UV-blocking window tint. If you care about your health, then you’ll definitely want to seriously consider tinting your car windows.

Here’s another benefit…

Reduces Glare

We get plenty of sunny days in Arizona year-around, and with that comes glare. This glare is especially bad when the sun is just coming up or just setting, but it can even be troublesome when the sun is directly overhead.

Sure, the glare is annoying. You find yourself flipping your visor down and trying to block it, but sometimes that’s fruitless. Even sunglasses and baseball caps may not be able to stop the glare.

If you’re sensitive, dealing with the glare while driving can end up giving you eye strain or even a headache. Those are unpleasant side effects to have to deal with every time you drive on a sunny day (and we have a lot of sunny days in Arizona!).

Even worse than that?

Dealing with the sun’s glare while driving can be downright dangerous. It only takes a

split-second for the sun’s glare to block your view of an oncoming car, motorcycle, or even a child or dog running out into your path. One reason to install car window tint is to help reduce this glare, which in turn makes it not only less annoying to drive, but it can also make it safer to operate your vehicle.

Reduces Heat

I don’t have to tell you how quickly the Arizona sun heats up the interior of your car. When you tint the car windows, you can reduce the heat. This means your parked car isn’t as hot when you get into it, so you can bring it to a more comfortable temperature more quickly.

What’s more, a quality car window tint keeps your car cooler when you’re driving, so you’re not having to run the air conditioner full-blast the entire time you’re driving.

Provides Privacy

Depending on the type of tint you choose, a darker window tint can provide some privacy. You don’t need to be a celebrity in order to appreciate having privacy while you’re driving around. Your reasons may range from simply protecting the privacy of your children in the backseat to discouraging people from seeing backpacks, shopping bags, etc that are left in your car.

Here’s another benefit…

Adds a Layer of Security

Plenty of thieves are opportunists — if they see something of value in the car, they may attempt to break in to steal that item. If you choose a darker window tint for the back windows, you add a layer of security since the tint makes it difficult to see what’s inside the car. This is especially important if you drive a hatchback or SUV, where you don’t have the luxury of an enclosed trunk in which to hide shopping bags or other valuables.


As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to tint your car windows. It’s a good investment that protects your car interior, reduces heat, blocks harmful cancer-causing UV rays, provides privacy and security, and reduces glare.

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