Why do we choose to install Suntek PPF/Ultra vs. other brands of clear bra film?

What are the differences between the various brands of Clear Bra film? This is a common question that we get asked when a customer calls about having a clear bra installed on their vehicle. Without debating good and bad across all films, because that is never ending, I’ll name a few items that influence our decision to go with Suntek PPF and Suntek Ultra.

First, we have had very few warranty claims in the 10 years we’ve been installing it. I’m talking less than 10 total, I’d even say closer to 5 or 6 total that I can remember, out of the THOUSANDS of cars we have installed on.  That’s pretty amazing. Every customer and retailer want a hassle free product. 

Second, it wears and holds up really well in the hot Phoenix sun.  We’ve had zero issues with yellowing. Because of the self-healing properties of the film, it stays looking glossy and new for the duration of the warranty, if not longer. Again, something every customer wants.

Third, removing this film has proven to be problem-free. I know you may not think this is a big one, but you’d be surprised how many people run into things in the garage, scrape the stucco outside their home, or get rubbed by another car or tire – not enough to damage the paint, just enough for the film to get chewed into. What we have seen during removal with other brand films are thing such as the adhesive releasing from the material and leaving a bunch of adhesive on the paint that needs to be removed – messy and damaging to the paint; film cracking or ‘checking’ which will need to be literally scraped off, which will damage the paint; and adhesive that is overly aggressive causing paint to rip clean off the car when you remove the film.  Some of these removal issues CAN be due to poor installation techniques, so you’ll want to find a qualified installer with any brand film.

Fourth, it contains little to no character flaws which makes for a better looking film and install. In addition, we haven’t witnessed any shrinking – the film maintains it original size and shape on the car after install.  Another plus for the customer!

This is not meant to bash other brand films in any way. We have offered other films in the past and have discontinued offering them for various reasons.  We are asked often by manufacturers to demo and offer feedback on new products while they are in production or about to hit the market. And we have to say, there are some good things happening in our industry!  We are open to offering new films as technology advances and we are excited for what is yet to come. But for now, Suntek films have been consistent and have outperformed the others here in Arizona. 

If you love your paint looking like new, and you already take care of your paint, you will be extremely happy choosing to go with Suntek PPF or Suntek Ultra.

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