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About how long will my appointment take?

  • For a full vehicle window tint installation, we like to have your vehicle for approximately 2-3 hours.
  • If you have window tint already on your vehicle that will need to be removed before adding new tint, we will need your vehicle for 5-6 hours due to the time it takes to remove older films.
  • For a partial clear bra to be installed, we will need approximately 4-5 hours. For a full clear bra, we will need approx. 8 hours to complete the installation.
  • For residential or commercial window film/tint, a time frame will be discussed ahead of time so that you know how much time to allow.

What is Window Tint?

Window Tint or Window Film is a product, typically made out of polyester, designed to coat the glass of your vehicle or home to filter, reflect, and/or absorb the heat and harmful rays of the sun.

How long does Clear Bra last?

With proper care and maintenance, clear bras should last the term length of the corresponding manufacturer’s warranty. We have seen a number of our customer’s cars a few years beyond the length of the warranty with the film still being in great shape. Again, it depends on how you maintenance it.
The current industry standard warranty period for clear bra is 5 years, and a few films offer 10 years of warranty coverage, depending on the product installed. Be sure to ask what the warranty period is and what the warranty covers before having any clear bra added to your vehicle.

What do I need to know after having window tint installed on my vehicle?

  • Please keep the windows rolled up for 24 hours after your appointment to allow the film time to cure.
  • You initially may see some fogginess and/or streaking, as well as some little water beads. This is due to the film being installed with a water solution. Rest assured that it is just part of the drying process and it will all go away. The manufacturers state that it could take up to 30 days to dry out, but in our hot Arizona climate it will be dry within a week or even faster (depending on the current temperatures outside). The more you can leave the vehicle in the direct sun, the faster the window tint will cure and dry out.
  • We will clean your windows after installing the window tint. Please don’t wash the interior of your windows for approx. 72 hours. This will allow time for the adhesive to cure. After that, you can use a soft towel (microfiber is best) and water.

What do I need to know after having a clear bra installed on my vehicle?

  • Please do not wash your vehicle for 72 hours after the installation. We will clean the areas of your vehicle that we work on before giving it back to you so that you won’t have the urge to wash it right away.
  • Like tint, paint protection films are installed with a water solution, and you may initially see some small water beads under the film. These are part of the drying process and they will go away within 30 days of the installation (or faster).
  • High pressure spraying the area where the clear bra is installed is not recommended. This can cause the edge of the film to lift or tear, and potentially allow dirt to collect on the adhesive, which will leave an uneven edge or a dirty spot in the film which could lead to that piece of film needing to be replaced. High pressure spray damage is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Please refer to the care instructions on the warranty card given to you.  We are always happy to answer any additional questions you have regarding caring for your paint protection film.

How long will it take to have Window Tint installed?

The process varies from vehicle to vehicle. The average amount of time is 2-3 hours. The time frame needed depends on the vehicle year/make/model, and the cleanliness of the windows and seals.

Is the tint applied to the outside of the glass?

Tint is formed and cut to fit each window on the exterior of the vehicle, and is then installed to the interior side of the glass.

Will having my back window tinted cause the defroster not to work?

Adding tint to your vehicle will NOT cause your defroster to stop working.

What do I need to know about having my house tinted?

  • Installation time will depend on the quantity and size of windows being tinted.  We are able provide a time estimate when we provide a cost estimate.
  • At the installation appointment, tools such as spray bottles and/or water tanks, large window film boxes, and ladders may be brought into your home or office space to complete the work.
  • When installing window film, a water solution is used to clean the glass and set the film.  As much as we try to keep everything dry in the vicinity that we are working in, there is a possibility of water getting on surrounding items.   If there is a particular object or piece of furniture of concern to you, please let the installer know ahead of time so we can be sure to move the item or cover that area appropriately to protect it.
  • Razor blades and other utility blades may be used to prep the glass surface where the film/tint is being installed.  For their own safety, any small children and/or pets should be kept out of the area being worked on.
  • We remove all tools and excess materials at the end of the appointment to ensure we leave your home or business in the same condition as it was when we arrived.

What is the difference between Window Tint and Window Film?

Window tint and window film have the same properties. Window “film” usually is referring to residential or commercial applications and also can refer to products that have little to no color shading in them. Window “tint” is usually referring to automotive applications and tends to have color shading included. However, the terms film and tint are regularly interchanged within our industry.

If I choose to have my Window Tint removed, is that possible?

Window tint can be removed if you no longer wish for it to be there.

Why do some vehicles have a purple colored tint or have bubbles in the window?

Purpling and bubbling are the result of window tint failure. Low quality window tint/films tend to fail the quickest. When this happens, it creates poor visibility when driving and can make it very dangerous for some drivers. Failing window film should be removed at first sign of product failure. Consumer Tip: Be sure to get a film with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and ask what the warranty actually covers (short term warranties are not enough!). The most important part – KEEP THE WARRANTY CARD! This will allow for you to have the tint removed and replaced (in the case of film failure) at the manufacturer’s expense, not yours.

I’ve seen cars with Clear Bras that have turned yellow – will this happen to my car?

There are a number of reasons why a clear bra can turn yellow. Yellowing is most commonly caused by lack of material maintenance, film failure, certain climate conditions, or solvents that contaminate or stain the material. Although we don’t see it often, it does happen. A high quality clear bra product will be backed by the manufacturer against turning yellow. Be sure you get a manufacturer’s warranty card issued at the time of install, and most importantly – KEEP THE WARRANTY CARD. The current industry standard warranty period for clear bra is 5 years, and a few films offer 10 years of warranty coverage, depending on the product installed. Be sure to ask what the warranty period is and what the warranty covers before having any clear bra added to your vehicle.

What areas of my vehicle should I have Clear Bra on?

Clear bra material can be applied to any painted surface. It is not recommended for chrome, un-painted plastics, certain matte-finishes, or acrylic surfaces. Always ask your installation company about what can be covered on your specific vehicle.

What is a Frequency Friendly Film?

Most late model cars and trucks have antennas and censors located on the glass surfaces. Older technology metallized films will cause disruption to these signals, creating issues within the electronic features such as radios and GPS. To avoid this from happening, manufacturers offer frequency friendly films. Nano technology films are an excellent choice and are safe to use on late model cars. They contain zero metal, yet still offer high heat rejection. When in doubt, an experienced tint professional can help you choose a product that will be safe to use on your specific vehicle.

What are the benefits of Window Tint?

Adding window tint to your auto or home provides UV protection, heat rejection, and sometimes privacy or security depending on the product that is used.

Can I get a ticket in other states for my window tint?

You cannot get a ticket in another state if you are within the legal limit for the state that your car is registered to. If your tint is NOT legal in your home state, then yes, you are able to be ticketed in any other state as well.

What is a good cleaner for my window tint?

Any glass cleaner works well, just be sure to use a soft cloth. Dry or dirty towels may scratch the tint and cause damage to the film.

Are there any special things I should do to maintain my Clear Bra?

Regular washing along with periodic waxing and polishing are required to maintain your clear bra. These care steps will remove the pollutants (ex: brake dust, petroleum, oils from the roadways, etc.) that come into contact with the material over time. New generation clear bra materials are recommending that the vehicle be hand washed.

Do I need to do anything to prep for my clear bra appointment?

A basic car wash is all that’s needed. We will handle the rest.

Can you install tint in addition to window screens?

You can for shading purposes, but you will not notice much heat reduction. Films for heat reduction perform best when they take direct sunlight. With a screen, the direct light is being blocked and reducing their ability to work.

Can you install film on a new Low-e window in my home?

Most commonly, the answer is no. Based on the location of the low-e coating, adding a window film may cause your glass to fracture. A registered glazing contractor (like us) can take a look at your specific window to tell you if it is safe of not.

Can a clear bra be “patched” if it gets damaged?

No, there is no patching or repairing the film. The damaged piece would get removed, and a new piece of film would be installed.

Can I do a paint sealant prior to a clear bra?

Paint sealants don’t allow the clear bra to adhere properly and may need to be stripped off before we can apply the film. If you choose to do a sealant in addition to clear bra, is best to do your sealant 5 days or more after your clear bra is installed to allow it to fully cure.