How Dark Are You Allowed To Tint Your Windows in Arizona?

How Dark Are You Allowed To Tint Your Windows in Arizona?

Each state has developed their own laws regarding window tinting on vehicles. For Arizona, we are allowed 33% visible light transmission on the front doors of a 4 door vehicle, or the only 2 doors of a coupe. For the rear doors, rear port windows, and rear window on all passenger vehicles, there is no limit set for how dark it can be, as long as you have a left and right side view mirrors.

You are not legally allowed to darken the full windshield. You are allowed to add what is called a visor strip to the top of the windshield, down to the AS1 marking on the side edge of the glass.

Very rarely do we see colored window tint in Arizona. It is popular in other states and even overseas. In Arizona, using red or amber colored window tint is illegal and tinting companies are prohibited from installed it on vehicles.

Arizona Window Tint Medical Exemption

Do you have a medical condition that could be alleviated because of a darker tint? In Arizona, there is an exemption process for window tinting, if your doctor feels that darker window tinting is needed. Your doctor has to submit the proper documents to the Arizona Department of Transportation for you, then upon approval, your registered vehicle will be exempt from the Arizona tint laws. Taking this approved ADOT form to any tint shop will allow for you to get the window tint needed for your medical issue. You can find all the information for window tint exemptions on the Arizona Department of Transportation website.

Illegal Window Tint WILL Get You Pulled Over

Most officers have been trained to see the difference between the shades of window film. In addition, most officers carry window tint meters. The most common meter used will slide over the edge of your glass and measure the amount of light coming through. A secondary meter used sends a light stream through the glass (for non-rolling down windows) and reads the darkness of the tint. A rule of thumb used when visually inspecting darkness of window tint is if someone on the outside the car can see the driver through the window tint, it is most likely the legal shade or a shade above. When the driver cannot be seen, or is just a silhouette, through the window film, it is most likely too dark and will be checked by law enforcement.

In Arizona, our officers do not need another reason, such as speeding, to stop you. They can and will pull you over to check your window tint. Let’s think about that for a second. If you are leaving the movie theater on a Saturday night with your family, or you’re leaving that hot date you just had at the restaurant/bar, yes, they can interrupt your evening to check your window tint. Such a bummer, yet so easy to avoid from happening.

Window Tint Citations

So what happens if you receive a window tint citation? Window tint citations always involve having to fix the window tint found to be too dark. This requires removing the window tint and submitting the paid invoice to the ticketing agency to prove the window tint was removed. You may need to have the window tint shop sign off that the work was completed, so be sure to bring the citation with you to your tint appointment. If you elect to have window film put back on, it must meet the legal state requirement for window tint and it could require that it be verified at a DOT location or by a police officer, although this is rare. In addition to removing and replacing the illegal tint, there could be a decent fine associated with the ticket. Fixing the window tint, submitting a copy of the paid invoice and the signed citation, and paying the fine are required to clear the ticket from progressing further.

Do You Need To Tint Your Car Windows?

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