5 Reasons to Install Window Film in Your Home

Install Window Film In Your Home

Increase energy efficiency.

An average window film can block 50-70% + of the total solar energy entering your windows, creating electricity savings and a more comfortable environment to spend time in.

Reduce the incoming UV rays.

We frequently hear how damaging UV rays are to skin, but did you know that UV also damages the interiors of your home? It will cause your furnishings, cabinets, drapes, shutters, and flooring to fade at an extremely uneven rate compared to the areas that are not exposed to direct UV rays. Residential window films block 99%+ of the UV rays and will drastically slow the damage to your interiors.

Reduce glare.

Who wants glare on their TV during the big game or a movie? A good quality window film can block 50-60% of the glare, which will make your relaxation time feel even better.

Remove the annoying ‘bright light’ that shines into your home.

Most of us in Arizona have at least one window that is a nuisance during a particular portion of the day. For us, it was a set of foyer windows that the sun would shine directly in our face in the mornings. Adding a film to these windows that will filter the light, allows the perfect amount of light into each window/room without having to lose your outdoor view by closing shutters, blinds, or drapes.


Security films strengthen the glass and can be bonded to the window frame for maximum security protection. We add security film to windows that are vulnerable to being broken into, such as front facing and casita/garage windows, or to add extra protection to children’s rooms. Safety films come in clear and tinted shades to allow the best of both tint with heat rejection and security.

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